We Buy Caravans
We Buy Caravans

How much is my caravan worth?

We will check the caravan for signs of damp.
We check over the caravan for any dents, both inside and outside.
We inspect to see if we can see any signs of water ingress into the caravan.
We check for any signs of exterior and interior damage.


Although if we find or you tell us you caravan has these faults we will still buy the caravan it just helps us come up with a price on what your caravan is actually worth.

Please bear in mind we will have to valet and service the caravan and fix any problems in the caravan as we have a duty to sell your caravan in showroom condition.

If we find your caravan is uneconomical to repair ie due to damp or damage or age or expensive items to fix ie broken toilet /oven/fridge, shower tray gas fire hot water system etc we also break caravans for spares so if your van is to old to spend a lot of money on we would still consider buying it for spares.

We will come and view your van within a 60 mile radius of ‘we buy caravans’ and if you live outside these areas you are welcome to bring your caravan to us yourself you may want to call before you set off to get an estimate of what your caravan is actually worth.

The selling process can be completed within 1 day if we are in your local area or if you can bring your caravan to us we can complete within the day also it all depends if we can get a buyer in your area but as i say if your willing to bring the caravan to us we can inspect the van agree a price and complete the sale within 25 minutes of you arriving on site or us viewing you caravan at you storage site or home address

Please bear in mind we will give you a fair trade price for your caravan but it is not a retail price for a caravan. all caravans we offer for sale have to have extensive safety checks before we can offer them for re-sale.

Please bear this in mind when asking for a price to sell your caravan, what we do offer is fast cash, no hassle, and we buy or take away nearly all caravans.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy sale, if your life is already too busy to deal with all the advertising, phone calls, viewings and negotiations, or you need that cash quick and a guaranteed sale, then call us.

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